Sunday, July 10, 2016

Carol, 82

The listening ear project Carol


When I was 4, the war was coming on. That was when Germany invaded Poland. That’s really what started World War II, you know. So my parents moved to San Diego where all of the Navy and the Army and the Marines were. They used to have, when you’d go to the movies, a new broadcast before the movie started. Just like you’d pick up a newspaper and read it. Weird, huh? It was not a big deal and only lasted six or seven minutes probably, but it showed the main things that were going on. My father built machine parts, so he was working on airplanes and my mother was a nurse, so I knew a lot about World War II. My mother worked for a baron and baroness of Russia over in the Coronado Hotel, which is across the bay from San Diego. That was kind of fun. She used to meet all kinds of movie stars. Of course, the baron and baroness of Russia were very wealthy, so they used to send their limousine over to get my sister and I and take us over there. 

I used to play the piano. I taught piano for 50 years. Some of my students became teachers too. I can’t play the piano anymore, because you can’t play the piano without using the pedal. I mean, it just sounds horrible and choppy. I used to play Clairo de Luna a lot. You know what that is, don't you? Oh, I had tons of stuff I played. I can’t remember most of the names of them now, but I can see them. 

I was always scared to death to play for people. Even as much as I did it, it didn't matter. So every time I had to play for conference I’d get all upset. The last time I ever played the piano was at the funeral of my grandson. I hadn't been playing or anything for a long time, but I said a prayer and I just got up there. It was a struggle to get that foot down. I was using a walker in those days but I just had to get on the bench and do that, you know? That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

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