Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sue Ann, 73

The listening ear project Sue Ann
Beautiful elderly outfit with flowers
Knitted hats

Sue Ann, 73 

I’ve been depressed all my life and I never knew why. When I was 42 years old, I remembered for the first time that my dad had abused me throughout my childhood. It was just a great relief to understand, but it also devastated me. It’s been about a 30-year journey. I’m pretty much healed right now. I don’t hate my dad anymore and I don’t hate my mother for not taking care of me. I don’t get depressed very often anymore. All of those wounds are healed now.

My trials have made me stronger. I’ve had several friends that have had relatives or family or friends that deal with depression and I can help them understand why they’re depressed and what can help them. It's been good that I’ve been able to use my life experiences to help other people.

My greatest accomplishment is probably just being able to endure and grow from my trials. Pt. 1

The happiest moment of my life was our wedding day and wedding night. It was just wonderful. Someone had told me before my wedding to "just be a queen for a day and soak up the joy of the day.” So I was a queen for a day. Pt. 2

I crocheted some when I was raising my family, but I didn’t have the time I have now. A friend brings me the yarn and then I give her the hats. I don’t know where she takes them, but she gives them to cancer patients. Pt. 3

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