Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jennette, 66

Jennette grew up on a farm at the mouth of Mayfield Canyon with her grandparents. She said, "I grew up more as a cowboy than a cowgirl." Her Grandmother would not let her ride horses, so she would sneak away with grandpa to do it. When grandpa wasn't around, she would put a saddle on the white picket fence and pretend to ride. 

Jennette has a daughter who is mentally handicapped. She said that this has taught her priceless lessons about parenting, people, and being kind. Through her daughter, Jennette got involved with the handicapped kids at the local high school. For several years she worked with them on a daily basis, giving them the attention and care that they need. 

From these experiences, Jennette said she learned this: "With your kids, love 'um, raise 'um, do your best, but let them be them. You can't expect your people to do more than they can do...Love people for who they are, don't expect them to be anything else. No one will be exactly what you think they should be. Treat people how they should be treated and how you want to be treated."

Interview submitted by: @samzarb

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