Guest post with The Mamahood Blog

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Three years ago, I started The Listening Ear Project, where I film and interview senior citizens and share their life stories online. The idea came when I was working as a home health nurse. I discovered my passion for the elderly and their stories, and I wanted to share their wisdom with the world. I started filming my interviews, watched endless YouTube videos about videography, and taught myself how to edit. I never thought I’d shift my entire focus from nursing to film and journalism, but I felt called to advocate for the elderly and to inspire others through storytelling.

After three years of working on The Listening Ear Project, I came to a fork in the road. Did I want to continue pursuing this time-consuming passion of mine, or did I want to replace those hours of interviewing and editing with soaking in every minute of my children’s lives? As I thought more about these questions, a wave of mom-guilt washed over me. The cliché phrases “they grow up too fast” and “time flies!” came to mind. For a split second, I thought, “I have to quit. It’s not worth it.”

For weeks, I wrestled over whether I should give up all of my work or not. Then, one day, as I watched my daughter enjoy coloring a picture with all of her focus, I had an epiphany. Nothing fills my soul more than watching my kids do something they love, so why in the world wouldn’t I want them to watch me do what I love? I want them to see me being fulfilled by following my dreams and goals. I want them to see me working hard and overcoming obstacles. I want them to see me stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that scares me, because ultimately, isn’t that what I want for them? Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. Some women choose to work, some women have to work, some women love to stay home all day every day. Isn’t that the beauty of this calling we have? We get to CHOOSE. We get to listen to our own intuition and find what works best for us and for our children.

I’m proud to say that I’ve decided to continue moving forward with my project. I know that I need to spread awareness about this subject I’m so passionate about. But deep down in the corner of my heart, I know that I have another, even more important calling, and that is to love my babies. How incredible is it that I can do both?