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Katie Cheesman || Harnessing the Power of Listening


Katie Cheesman loves old people and clouds.

That’s at least how she introduces herself!  (Don’t you love her already?)  Katie is also a mother, nurse, photographer and videographer.  She paired her talents and interests together into the perfect creation, The Listening Ear Project, where she shares her WONDERFUL interviews with the elderly, whom she calls her “closest friends.”

The Listening Ear Project is full of interviewees you touch and inspire you–most definitely–but also people who make you laugh and teach you to better appreciate the fun in life.

In this podcast, I speak with Katie about what led her to start this project, how as a nurse she learned the power of listening to help heal her patients, and why being friends with the elderly and sharing their stories is her passion.  We also speak about how hard it can be to establish an audience on social media that is centered around appreciating old people, but why Katie thinks all the time, energy, and money she invests in this project is well worth it and has truly changed her life.

Katie is lovely, funny, and open.  She is equal parts creative and driven, and Katie also often deals with the negative effects of being too hard on herself.  She shares how she tries to combat that pressure to be perfect.  Katie will inspire you to take a moment to listen to others, and recognize the special need to better see and appreciate the elderly people in your life.

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Show Notes
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