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Ready to document your loved one? Contact me below.

Name *

Hobby highlight: A short video highlighting one of your loved one’s hobbies or passions. Examples: woodworking, gardening, sewing, singing, painting, etc. 

  • 30 minute filming time

  • The completed video will be approximately 7-10 minutes long.

Additional information:

  • The price listed is my base price. Additional cost for travel will apply. I will travel 30 minutes from my home in Lehi, UT at no cost. Any additional travel will be $50 per every 30 minutes. 

  • I will do my best to keep our interview within the allotted time, but please note that an additional cost may be added if we go over the 30 minutes.

Optional purchase:

Photo gallery:

  • If you’re interested, a professional photographer will join us and you will receive up to 25 high-quality images from our interview.

  • Additional cost: $150