I was born in Wellington, Missouri. It was just a little town and we liked it. Wellington had just 656 people when I was growing up, but I think it’s bigger now. It’s between St. Louis and Kansas City. My dad worked for Corps of Engineers, so we moved there because he got a job with them. Wellington was on the Missouri River and when the summer came, all the crap (pardon me) that comes from Kansas City and places like that comes down the river. Somedays it don’t smell too good. They call it the Missouri River, I call it puking.

I went to school there. I went to Lexington to get a better job. When I got older, I moved to Kanas City cause the jobs was better and then I met a guy there and that was our home. I just came here recently. I lived in Missouri all my life. I like it here. So far so good. 

I had a sister and we were just 19 months apart. She wasn’t very healthy and she finally died. I’ve lost my brother and I lost my sister and I’m hanging on. I lost two husbands and I’m still hanging on! I had a good life. I’ve still got a good life. Life is how you make it! 

I have not been back to Wellington since I buried the folks and my sister. I’ll never go back. None of my people live there anymore. I haven’t been back and I don’t intend to go back. nobody in my family lives there anymore. I don’t blame 'em. 

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I like to dance. Just plain old dancing. I remember prom night. We had 16 in our class and eight of them was boys and I had to show them boys how to dance! Course Wellington is very old fashioned, so most of the people in Wellington are farmers, but they’re good farmers and most of them are very well-to-do, but the boys aren’t. They didn’t know the two-step or a swing, they didn’t know nothin’! Before prom someone said, “Pat, you have to teach these boys how to dance.” So I did, and they were so klutzy!

My mom taught me how to dance. She was a gay ol’ gal in her age and she could really dance. She made sure my sis and I knew how to dance. My mom taught me all growing up, but when I needed to go to prom, that’s when she really got behind me. As old as she was, and she wasn’t that old, but you know being a mother, she still knew how to dance. My mom was German-Irish and they liked to dance. I still dance. As old as I am, it’s still there.