This is Bill. Bill is a hero. 

He went without food for three days. He watched his best friend die in his arms. He was such an accurate sniper that he was asked to run alongside the colonel to protect him. He was captured by the Chinese and tortured for three days. He was part of the "Frozen Chosin" battle and fought in 30 below zero conditions. 

He was in the Marine Corp during the Korean War. He earned a double Purple Heart and a Silver Star medal, along with several others. He experienced the brutality of war first hand, and openly talked about his PTSD with me. We cried together as he recited his poem titled "War is Hell." I have no words to describe the experience we shared and I left wanting to share Bill's story with the world. 

I drove home in silence and tried to process everything this man had gone through. Suddenly, my often petty complaints seemed minuscule. In one hour, Bill had changed my entire perspective on life. It made me so grateful! Grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. Grateful for those who have to continue living with the nightmares of war every day.