This is Donna. She might be one of the most angelic people I have ever met and her interview blew me away. She grew up in a home with an alcoholic father and a promiscuous mother (her words) who would often take off for weeks at a time. She basically raised her four younger siblings on her own and they often went without food, water, and heat. She remembers stealing coal from her neighbors shed because they were desperate and had to keep warm. Eventually the state caught on and placed all five kids into foster homes, which broke Donna’s heart. Unfortunately, many of the children suffered abuse in these homes. The thing that amazes me though, is that Donna has absolutely ZERO animosity toward either one of her parents. In fact, she loves them and says that they “tried the best they could.” She even took care of her mother in her later years. If that isn’t forgiveness, then I don’t know what is.